Less Chaos. Less Noise.

Kem Meyer’s book Less Chaos. Less Noise. teaches churches to communicate more effectively. Here are some reflections on the book.

  • More choices does not mean more engagement. Response: dial back the volume (42). App: Send less emails, texts, etc. Make more phone calls!
  • User experience is by far the best “advertisement” (52). App: Make things an awesome experience. Build culture of invitation.
  • Small details matter. App: Evaluate everything and make things good! 
  • Develop a Content filters (70). Is what we write…?
    • Helpful: Does it solve a problem or prove useful?
    • Clear: Is it easily understandable?
    • Simple: Is it free of clutter without being sterile?
  • Watch stats and respond to real data (79). App: We need actual data when evaluating ministries, not just “feel.”
  • Don’t use acronyms and unclear language. Don’t use “insider” (shorts amongst staff) language. App: Ditch the language of AWANA.
  • Look for small changes with big communication payoffs (nod to Taled, barbell method) (143).
  • Tell one story at a time (148). App: Create communication rank and cut stuff.
  • Kill the bulletin (156). App: Develop surveys as to the purpose of these things.
  • Focus on personal invites and guest experiences. App: Don’t invest too much energy in advertising.
  • “Post only when you have something worthy to add to your audience” (170). App: Ditch the schedule and post when “inspired.”
  • Make things quicker (181). App: Streamline and work smarter.
  • “Simplify the Problem, Don’t Complicate the Solution” (208).


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