Community Group Leader’s Toolbox

All Community Group Leaders have questions. But not all Group Leaders have the same questions. Rather than having to sit through training and hear answers to questions you’re not asking, the Group Leader’s Toolbox is a collection of resources that you can look through and find what’s useful to you! 

The Format

Each resource answers a common (or uncommon) question that a Group Leader could have. The answers range from the practical such as, “How do I make enough time for prayer?” to the theological, “How do I explain the fate of the un-evangelized?” 

Resource Outline

Each resource is broken down into four sections.

1. Question – A rehashing of the question the Group Leaders may have.

2. Key Text – A Bible verse which can speak to the issue

3. Thoughts to Consider – A short answer or explanation 

4. Things to Say or Try – A guide of things to actually say to people or ideas to try out in your Group


Commitment: How do I get people to be more committed to the Group?

Invitation: How do I effectively invite new people into my Group?

Beginning: What do I need to start a new Community Group?

Building Relationships: How do I get people to “go deeper” in their relationships?

Global Missions: How can my Group participate in global missions?

Childcare: How should my Group handle childcare issues?

New Members: How can I integrate new members into my Group?

Lobby Conversations: How can I connect with new people in the church?

Redirecting New People: How can I redirect new people into new Groups, if my Group is full?

Crisis: How do I handle someone in crisis?

Bible Discussion: How can I effectively facilitate a discussion on the Bible in my Group?

Discipleship: How do I help my Group members take the next step on their journey with Christ?

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