2022 in Books

Rediscover Church by Jonathan Leeman and Collin Hanson (January) How to Reach the West Again by Tim Keller (January) The Family Firm by Emily Oster (January) Spirit and Sacrament by Andrew Wilson (January) Becoming Whole by Brian Fikkert and Kelly Kapic (January) Jesus and John Wayne by Kristen Kobes Du Mez (January) Personal Kanban by … Continue reading 2022 in Books

Disciples Making Culture by Brandon Guindon

Why churches begin with the best of intentions to make disciples only to drift off course, falling back in pragmatic or programmatic ways of thinking? Probably because there's a culture problem argues author Brandon Guindon. Guindon points out that strategies for making disciples don't set the culture of the church. It's the other way around: … Continue reading Disciples Making Culture by Brandon Guindon