Blogging the Institutes | 1.17.7 | God Uses His Providence to Bless His People

The servant of God, who is encouraged by all the Scriptures that speak of God’s care for him, will add the passages which teach that all people are under God’s power. His power will either encourage their minds or curb their wickedness, preventing them from causing harm. It is the Lord who gives favor, not only with those who view us favorably but also with our enemies as well (Exodus 3:21). Sometimes God takes away their presence of mind, so that they cannot do anything. One way he does this is by sending Satan to use false prophets to lie. For example, all the prophets who deceived Ahab (1 Kings 22:22). It is through the counsel of young men that Rehoboam is deceived and thus loses his kingdom (1 Kings 12:10, 15). Sometimes when God allows them to have presence of mind, he so fills them with fear that they cannot execute their evil plan. At other times, God will allow the wicked to begin their plan but then will interrupt them and not allow them to conclude it. For example, the counsel of Ahithophel, which would have been fatal to David, was defeated before it could be carried out (2 Samuel 17:7, 14).

Therefore, for the good and safety of his people, God overrules every creature, even the devil himself. In the book of Job, the devil cannot do anything to Job that God does not allow. Because of God’s providence, Christians can thank God in times of prosperity, have patience in adversity, and rest in incredible security for the future. Christians will give God all the credit when things work out in their favor, whether they have experienced good things from the hands of other people or receive help from inanimate creatures. Christians will understand that the Lord influenced the minds of these people so that they might bless them and used them as instruments of his kindness. If there is an abundant harvest, Christians will know that it is the Lord who listens to the heavens, and that the heavens listens to the earth, and the earth herself to her own offsprings. In other cases, he will have no doubt that he owes all his prosperity to divine blessing. Admonished by so many circumstances, a Christian will only be able to be thankful!

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