Blogging the Institutes: List of Posts

Here is a list of all the posts under the series, “Blogging the Institutes.”

Section #1: Knowing God as the Creator

1.1.1–Knowledge of God and Knowledge of Ourselves Are Connected Together

1.1.2–Knowledge of God Exposes How Weak We Are

1.1.3–Encounters with God Leave People Humbled

1.2.1–Knowing God as Creator and Redeemer

1.2.2–What We Think About When We Think About God

1.3.1–All People Possess Some Knowledge of God

1.3.2–Even Atheists Have Some Knowledge of God

1.3.3.–Knowledge of God is Implanted in Every Human Mind

1.4.1–Ignorance is No Excuse

1.4.2–Atheism and “Functional” Atheism

1.4.3–No Knowledge, No God

1.4.4–Corrupted Knowledge of God is like a Weed

1.5.1–The Created World Shows Us God

1.5.2–The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

1.5.3–Even Human Bodies Give Us Knowledge of God

1.5.4–Humanity Suppresses the Knowledge of God

1.5.5–“Nature is God” and Other Silliness

1.5.6–We Know God Through His Creation

1.5.7–Knowing God’s Goodness, Justice, and Mercy

1.5.8–We Know God Through His Providence

1.5.9–What True Knowledge of God Is, and Isn’t 

1.5.10–Knowing God Should Point Us to the Future

1.5.11–Even the Smart People Don’t See God in His Works

1.5.12–False Gods Gush from the Human Mind like Water From a Faucet

1.5.13–All People Have Corrupted the Worship of God

1.5.14–Truth is Shining, We’re Denying

1.5.15–We Are Glory Robbers

1.6.1–The Bible is Our Glasses

1.6.2–We Must Embrace Scripture to Know God

1.6.3–Error Cannot Be Erased until the Truth is Planted

1.6.4–Scripture is the School

1.7.1–The Authority of Scripture Rests on the Holy Spirit

1.7.2–Sugar is Sweet; Scripture is Truth

1.7.3–Even Augustine Thinks Scripture Supports the Church (Not Vice Versa)

1.7.4–God Speaks in the Scriptures

1.7.5–The Spirit Seals the Truth on the Hearts of Believers

1.8.1–Arguments are not Ultimate, but Helpful

1.8.2–The Prophets Show the Majesty of Scripture

1.8.3–Scripture’s Truth Continues through the Centuries

1.8.4–Moses is a Credible Messenger from God

1.8.5–Moses’ Miracles Confirmed Moses’ Writings

1.8.6–Was Moses a Fraud?

1.8.7–Moses’ Prophecies were Fulfilled

1.8.8–The Prophetic Writings Confirm God’s Word

1.8.9–Moses and the Prophets Preserved

1.8.10–Scripture Survived Persecution

1.8.11–The NT Confirms Scripture

1.8.12–Church History Backs Up the Scriptures

1.8.13–Reasons are Good; The Holy Spirit is Better

1.9.1–The Spirit Speaks Through Scripture, Not Apart From It

1.9.2–The Spirit in the Word, not Against the Word

1.9.3–The Word and Spirit Form an Unbreakable Bond

1.10.1–In Creation and Word, God is the Same

1.10.2–God’s Attributes. Explained.

1.10.3–One, True God; All Others Excluded

1.11.1–God Opposes Idols

1.11.2–Images Condemned in Moses and Isaiah

1.11.3–Angels Ain’t Images

1.11.4–Idols are Self-Defeating

1.11.5–Images Don’t Substitute for Scripture

1.11.6–Theologians Against Images

1.11.7–One Gospel More Powerful than a Thousand Crosses

1.11.8–The Origin of Idols

1.11.9–Idolatry is Idolatry is Idolatry

1.11.10–Idolatry in the Church is Hypocrisy

1.11.11–Service to an Idol is Worship

1.11.12–Works of Art, Ok. But Not in Church

1.11.13–No Good Reason for Images in Churches

1.11.14–Second Council of Nicea Proves Nothing

1.11.15–Scripture Doesn’t Actually Support Images

1.11.16–The Extreme Blasphemy of Idolaters

1.12.1–One God; No Idols

1.12.2–No Real Distinction Between Worship and Service

1.12.3–Worship is Due God Alone

1.13.1–God is Immense and Spirit

1.13.2–God in Three Persons

1.13.3–Terms Explain Divine Mysteries

1.13.4–Ambiguity is the Lifeblood of Heresy

1.13.5–Different Terms; Same Truth

1.13.6–The Father is NOT the Son and vice versa

1.13.7–The Eternal Word of God is God

1.13.8–The Word is Eternal

1.13.9–Proof that the Son is God

1.13.10–The Angel of the Lord is Jesus

1.13.11–New Testament Proof Jesus is God

1.13.12-13–All of God is in Christ

1.13.14–The Spirit is God 

1.13.15–Further Evidence the Spirit is God

1.13.16–Baptized into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

1.13.17–Persons: Distinct, not Divided

1.13.18–Explaining the Trinity…You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

1.13.19–Persons, Perfectly United

1.13.20–The Trinity Summarized

1.13.21–Be Cautious When Learning About God

1.13.22–New Errors are Still Errors

1.13.23–So Many Other Anti-Trinitarians

1.13.24–More Trinitarian Heresies Refuted

1.13.25-26–What Christ’s Subordination Really Is

1.13.27-29–The Church Fathers were Trinitarians

1.14.1-2–On Creation

1.14.3-4–On the Creation of Angels

1.14.5-6–The Names and Actions of Angels

1.14.7-8–The Mysterious Rank and Number of Angels

1.14.9–So Then, What Are Angels?

1.14.10-11–Why Does God Use Angels?

1.14.12–Wrapping It Up on Good Angels

1.14.13-14–The Devil and His Demons

1.14.15-16–Biography of the Devil

1.14.17-18–God Rules over the Devil

1.14.19–About Demons

1.14.20-22–The Point of Creation

1.51.1–The Creation of Humanity

1.15.2–The Immortality of the Soul

1.15.3–The Image of God

1.15.4–Reflecting God’s Glory

1.15.5–Refuting False Teaching on the Soul

1.15.6–Philosophers on the Soul

1.15.7-8–The Soul and Free Will

1.16.1–God’s Providence in the World

1.16.2–God’s Providence Over All Things

1.16.3–God Controls Everything

1.16.4–Definition of Providence

1.16.5—God’s Providence Extends Over All Things

1.16.6—God’s Providence Over People

1.16.7—God’s Providence in the History of Israel

1.16.8—Wrong Views of Providence

1.17.1—Providence Summarized

1.17.2—Providence Denied by Some, but Proved by Scripture

1.17.3—Providence is Not a Cover for Our Own Sins

1.17.4—Providence Does Not Rule Out Human Choice

1.17.5—God uses Evil, but is not Stained by Evil

1.17.6—God’s Providence Extends in a Special Way to the Church

1.17.7—God Uses His Providence to Bless His People

1.17.8—Providence Trains the Godly

1.17.9-11—Life is Misery; Get Happy Knowing God’s Providence

1.17.12-14—Does God Change His Mind?

1.18.1—Does God Permit or Decree All Things?

1.18.2—Even the Wicked Do His Will

1.18.3—Objections to the Fact that God Wills All Things

1.18.4—Is God the Author of Evil?

Section #2: Knowing God as Redeemer

2.1.1—Knowing Self and Sin

2.1.2—Real Knowledge Comes From Knowing Our Flaws

2.1.3—Non-Christians Denigrate Sin and Elevate Reason

2.1.4—Early Christian Views of Free Will

2.1.5—Different Kinds of Free Will According to Some Christians

2.1.6—More Views of Free Will Considered

2.1.7—Free Will is Prone to Misunderstanding