Book Review Blitz: Reason for God, Proof, and More!

Reason for God by Tim Keller

Great apologetics book. I use it all the time for my preaching in thinking of how to engage skeptical and postmodern people. Current on the trends in philosophy and sociology. Very good on the gospel. This is definitely a BUY.

Proof by Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones

Refocuses the infamous “Five Point of Calvinism” towards God’s grace. Proof is an acronym for Planned Grace, Resurrecting Grace, Outrageous Grace, Overcoming Grace, and Forever Grace. Book reads uneven. It tries too hard to be accessible for the average person and tries too hard to be academic (for example, one endnote is completely in German!). Strong on content, slightly weak in execution. Borrow this one.

Taking God At His Word by Kevin DeYoung

Solid treatment of the doctrine of Scripture.  The writing style is a tad dry (which is unusual for DeYoung) but the book is spiritually refreshing. It doesn’t get better than unpacking the Scriptures, which is what the book mostly consists of. For the spiritual benefits, it’s worth it to buy this book.

Developing a Strategy for Missions by John Terry and J.D. Payne

A highly technical book on doing global missions work. It’s helpful for those pursuing missions work, but probably not of much interest to the average Christian. I would bypass this book, just because of its technical nature.

Tempted and Tried by Russell Moore

One of my favorite books I read this year. It reads like a non-fiction book; it’s that engaging. Moore looks at the temptations Christ faced in the wilderness and sees in them a pattern of temptation which extends all the way back to the Garden of Eden and even afflicts us today. More importantly, Moore shows how Christ triumphed over the demonic powers and how we can live in that triumph today. Definitely buy this book.

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