Grow Your Community Group: 15 Ideas for “Off” Weeks

The Community Groups at Lincroft Bible Church meet twice per month. As groups pastor, I believe that every model and method has its pros and cons. For our busy Northeastern culture, having groups twice a month has some distinct advantages. One of those is that it gives great flexibility and freedom to the group leaders. They can minister to their groups in the “off” weeks in creative ways, without facing the pressure of having to lead a group meeting every single week. Here are 15 ideas of things to do during an “off” to build your Community Group:

1. One-on-One Discipleship

Meet with someone in your group one-on-one. Dig into a book of the Bible together. Read a Christian book.

2. Accountability Groups

Meet in a smaller group of men and/or women to confess sin, pray together, and counsel one another.

3. Watch a TV show together

Follow a show as a group and get everyone together. Make popcorn. Heather and I followed The Amazing Race with friends every Sunday while we lived in Louisville. Plus, a show like that is a kid friendly option.

4. Watch sports together

It is football season after all!

5. Have a standing reservation at a restaurant for dinner

You have to eat dinner each week. Why not eat together? If no one shows up…date night!

6. Meet for happy hour together

This wouldn’t work in the South.

7. Girls Night!

Bring all the kiddos (and dads) to one house. Girls go out.

8. Go to lunch together after church

Everyone is usually hungry after church. Food is a great community builder!

9. Go to the park together on a Saturday

Look at all the kids roaming free!

10. Rotate hosting Saturday brunch

Breakfast food is great for any meal. And I mean any meal.

11. “Adopt” a ministry together

Have everyone serve in the same ministry. Here are some ideas: LBC Kids, Nursery, childcare for MOPS, etc.

12. Rotate prayer walking through your group’s various neighborhood

Exercise!–Both physical and spiritual

13. Go to the gym together

Working out is always easier…Wait a minute…Working out is never easy…But it is more motivating when you have someone to go with

14. Play in a sports league together

Softball, soccer, basketball, you name it. Just play it.

15. Sit together in church

You will be amazed how much you can grow in your relationships by using small chunks of time.

So those are my ideas. What are yours?

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