When Theology is Not Theology

Some claim we need those who are intentionally ‘on a par’ with academic theologians in our universities to engage with contemporary theological issues. To a large extent, however, contemporary theology is pursued by people who make no pretense of being ‘Christian,’ working in non-confessional institutions. If true theology is the fruit of engagement with the Bible set in the context of the local church, then much of what passes for theology is not theology at all. Why do we allow such people to set the agenda?

–Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, Total Church, p. 161.

2 thoughts on “When Theology is Not Theology

    • That is one of the dirty little secrets of much biblical scholarship. It is done in institutions which are not guided or guarded by a doctrinal statement. Therefore, wading through the books, resources, and commentaries which are produced in the name of biblical scholarship takes discernment.

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