There Is No Other

It must be the case that God stands behind good and evil in somewhat different ways; that is, he stands behind good and evil asymetrically…In other words, if I sin, I cannot possibly do so outside the bounds of God’s sovereignty (or the many text already cited have no meaning), but I alone am responsible for that sin–or perhaps I and those who tempted me, led me astray and the like. God is not to be blamed. But if I do good, it is God working in me both to will and to act according to his good pleasure. God’s grace has been manifest in my case, and he is to be praised. If this sounds just a bit too convenient for God, my initial response (though there is more to be said) is that according to the Bible this is the only God there is. There is no other.

–D.A. Carson, How Long, O Lord?, pg. 186

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