Key Ideas from Productivity Books

Deep Work by Cal Newport: Cultivate focus to get important things done

4,000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman: There are too many “big rocks” in life. You have to settle.

Effortless by Greg McKeown: Bitterness and unforgiveness makes you less productive by clogging up your heart and mind.

Tranquility by Tuesday by Laura Vanderkam: Batch small things. Don’t fall prey to the “two minute trap.” Sometimes you just have sit in the unease of working through an ambiguous task.

A World without Email by Cal Newport: Don’t use email to accomplish important work. Figure out better systems and structures to track, assign, and follow up with work.

Life Admin by Elizabeth Emens: Taking care of your life involves a lot of “invisible” unpaid labor. Manage it efficiently.

Work the System by Sam Carpenter: Don’t just deal with symptoms of work; get the cause and fix the system and you’re life will be less crazy.

Getting Things Done by David Allen: Full capture. Have a system to record everything coming at you.

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