My Sayings

“Gotta Have Dog”

Just like a dog is tenacious and persistent chewing a raw-hide bone, so we need to be persistent in life to get things done.

“If it smells weird, it is weird.”

People, situations, and circumstances should fall within a certain boundary of “normal.” If even small things that are said or done begin to fall outside that boundary, that’s usually an indicator of a bigger problem going on behind the scenes. A weird smell coming from the fridge often indicates a deeper problem with some food, it’s rotting. And if you eat that good, you will get sick.

“Keep Pushing the Sled”

Show up every day and do the little things that are important, even if it’s hard. Don’t give up. Just keep moving in a direction even if the progress is slow.

“Wow. That was weird.”

My typical response to things that happen.

“Never Skip Leg Day”

Some thing—like leg day—are hard but the right thing to do. Even if they’re hard, we must not avoid them or try to get around them.

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