To Don’t List

It’s helpful to create a “To Don’t List” for the year. Here’s mine for wrapping up 2019 and heading into 2020:

  1. I won’t be pressured by outside organizations to speak or present. I need to focus on shepherding the LBC body and my school work.
  2. I won’t give my word to reach out to “outlier” people who aren’t really deeply connected at the church. This means no follow up with first-time guests because there’s really no pay off to it.
  3. I won’t lose focus on my highest priorities- preaching the word, studying for school, and loving my family.
  4. I won’t let the busyness of life eat away at the foundational disciplines of my life: sleep, nutrition and exercise.
  5. I won’t accept poor effort from myself in areas of preaching and Youth Ministry
  6. I won’t add more to my plate this year.
  7. I won’t feel guilty about my prayer life. So often, the focus is on the need to “pray more.” But what does more actually mean? It is the vagueness which breeds anxiety and a sense of failure.

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